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Celtic Cross Smart Phone Case in Green

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The Celtic Cross, a cruciform decorated with celtic knotwork, is found throughout the British Isles and may predate Christianity itself.

NEW for 2014: Recently we redesigned our cases for the newer, slimmer, taller phones on the market.  The newer case will fit phones 2 3/4" wide by 5 1/2" tall by 5/8" thick.  We have tried this case out with some of the most popular phones on the market and it fits nicely.

The older smart-phone size will fit phones up to 3/4"thick, 2 5/8" wide and 4 5/8" tall.  Three inch belt loop, five colors, silver or antique brass hardware.

Please include the dimensions of your phone, including any the case or cover if you are using one.  If you're unsure whether we can fit your phone, you can always contact us.

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