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Terence Plunkett, principle artisan of Renaissance Leather, has been in the trade since 1968, with retail stores and wholesale operations in Connecticut and Bar Harbor, Maine before joining the Colorado Renaissance Festival in 1995. Starting out with a line of leather goods geared toward the every day crowd, he quickly developed a line of belts, bags and accessories for the costumed patrons of the fairs. Adding the Texas, Michigan and Minnesota Renaissance Festivals over the next few years, and with the addition of assistant artisans, Ian Hawkins and Travis Butterworth, we have established ourselves as a distinctive presence on the Renaissance Festival circuit and on the web, reinterpreting traditional craft techniques to produce leather goods of the highest quality of design, materials and workmanship.

Please peruse our site or come visit one of our shows, we welcome all comments and questions. 





Scarborough Renaissance Festival

Scarborough Renaissance Festival

Holly Field, Shoppe #16 Center Esplanade

April 7th - May 28th, 2018

Colorado Renaissance Festival Shield

Colorado Renaissance Festival Booth #94

June 16th - Aug 5th, 2018


Michigan Renaissance Festival

Michigan Renaissance Festival Booth #133

Aug 18th - Sept 30th, 2018


Minnesota Renaissance Festival

Minnesota Renaissance Festival Booth #743

Aug 18th - Sept 30th, 2018


Texas Renaissance Festival

Texas Renaissance Festival Booth #263

Sept 29th - Nov 25th, 2018



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