Weapons Carriers

We make a wide array of items for carrying your weapons at the faire.  

  • Sword Carriers come in two types: a baldric style worn across the body and a frog style designed to be hung from a belt.  Good for rapiers and other styles of swords.
  • Our Slings and Backstraps are worn across the back and are designed to accomodate larger blades, as well as pole arms.
  • Our Frogs come in a variety of designs useful for anything from a rapier to an axe or even to hold a dagger on the back of your belt.
  • Our Scabbards are a unique cross-laced  design and can hold small to medium length blades on the back or hip.
  • We make dagger and knife Sheaths to match our scabbards as well as a hard leather, embossed style.
  • Our Pistol Holster is designed to fit the finest of Renaissance Era pistols.

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