Leather Types

Vegetable tanned or veg tan:

Sometimes called oak-tan leather. This is a process that soaks the hides in pits with tanning liquors made from the bark of certain trees. These barks contain tannin, a naturally occurring substance that preserves the leather, leaving hides that can be carved, embossed, molded and hand-dyed. This is the leather saddles are made from. All our veg-tan leather is from North American hides, tanned in the USA. Those two characteristics are important because they assure the highest strength and quality.


This is a leather that is first vegetable-tanned, then stuffed or forced with waxes and oils to make the leather resistant to moisture and wear. This leather is primarily intended for tack and bridle uses, where it gets very hard wear in all weathers.


Latigo leather has exceptional strength and durability, which make it ideal for utility straps, bags and any tough outdoor gear.  After tanning, sides are drum dyed, then dipped in hot oils and hand rubbed to a beautiful finish.

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