WARANTEES- Renaissance Leather stands behind every product we make, absolutely! While we cannot say how long any item should last - it really depends on how it is worn, how much stress it is given - we will repair or replace any failure due to materials or workmanship.

Any buckle, catch or snap that fails we will replace free of charge.

Any stitch that fails we will repair free of charge.

Any pouch that fades we will re-dye free of charge.

Any belt that fades or frays we will re-dye and/or re-burnish at no charge if you pay the shipping. And that's for as long as you own it, forever!

As for a belt ever breaking or tearing, forget it, it will never happen, ever!

If you are interested in having an item refurbished or repaired please contact us or come see us at one of our shows.  If you catch us at a show, many small repairs can be managed while you wait.

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