Tying Ring Belts


Tying a Ring Belt:

There are many ways to tie a ring belt and if you see an interesting knot on someone at a fair, don't be shy about asking them how to do it. Most are happy to share their knowledge. The illustration below shows the simplest and most common way of doing it. Try this little ditty; through the ring, up from below and down through the loop you just made.



The knot takes up about 10" on a 1 1/2" belt, about 11" on a 1 3/4" belt and about 12" on a 2" belt. The tail is customarily worn somewhere between mid-thigh and knee , although occasionally someone prefers it as long as ankle-length. If you wrap a belt around you where you want it to sit, add the knot length (10"-12"), add the length from the belt to where you want it to end, you will have the length. Our standard length is about 70" to 71" and the majority of belts are sold at that length. A person with a very small waist will want it shorter and we are happy to accommodate. Just so you know, when we shorten embossed belts we do it from the buckle or ring end so the design is not interrupted.

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Longer length ring belts are available for an extra charge.  Please contact us.

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