Note: If you are ordering a belt as a gift and cannot measure that person's belt, you will need to tell us that person's pants-waist size. Please be accurate, no guessing. The pants-waist size is the first number on the size tag, i.e.; 34/32 means 34" waist, 32" length. The 34 is what we need, we will take care of the rest.


Casual/Dress Belts, St. Justin's Belts:

The most accurate and sure way to name your size is by measuring a belt you are wearing now. The measurement we want is the length from the tip of the buckle tongue (or the stud on the back of a stud-type buckle) to the hole you are currently wearing your belt on. Refer to the drawing below.


Well-worn belts are often curved so when measuring straighten the belt out but don't stretch it too much. The length you give us will be the center of 5 holes, so you will have room to go up and down. On a dress belt, the tail (the length of strap beyond the largest hole) will be 5 to 6 inches. If you have special requests (longer tail, extra holes, extra keeper, etc.) please contact us.


Cinch Belts:

If your costume pants are no thicker than everyday pants you may use the same method described above for dress belts. If your costume is voluminous or you are unsure, put your costume on and, using the widest belt you have, wrap it around you, at the place you want it to sit (waist, hip, etc.), cinch it up as tight as you want it to be and measure either from the place it buckles or from the places where it meets. This will be the center of 5 holes. Use this same method for kilts.

On the cinch belts we recommend letting the tail reach around to your side. We provide a matching keeper with every cinch belt, and invariably you will be wearing accessories to tuck the tail into; pouch, dagger sheath, mugloop, etc.

If you prefer to tie the end in a knot like a ring belt, let us know. On a belt this wide the knot would be large and a bit bulky, but some prefer it. Know that the knot itself takes about 12 inches of length, then at least another 4-6 inches to hang down, so if your size plus 20" is more than the 60" starting length (our standard working size) we can't make it work unless we do a custom belt, which we do for an extra charge. This last also holds true for persons of a kingly girth; our standard length will fit up to about 50".  If you need an extra long belt, please contact us.


Ring Belts:  

The knot takes up about 10" on a 1 1/2" belt, about 11" on a 1 3/4" belt and about 12" on a 2" belt. The tail is customarily worn somewhere between mid-thigh and knee , although occasionally someone prefers it as long as ankle-length. If you wrap a belt around you where you want it to sit, add the knot length (10"-12"), add the length from the belt to where you want it to end, you will have the length. Our standard length is about 70" to 71" and the majority of belts are sold at that length. A person with a very small waist will want it shorter and we are happy to accommodate. Just so you know, when we shorten embossed belts we do it from the buckle or ring end so the design is not interrupted. 

Longer length ring belts are available for an extra charge.  Please contact us.

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